Deep Inside the Mind: Releasing Your Inner Light

In the wake of the pandemic, we enter a new era. What does it mean for mankind? Medium Loraine Rees channels wisdom from the other side, delivering a message to us from the Spirit World. Why did it happen? What are we to learn from it? Find out how you can RELEASE your INNER LIGHT to join a new direction for the human race.


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Loraine Rees

is a popular clairvoyant medium in the UK who has helped the British police solve some of their most baffling cases. Here she relates passages sent from the other side to steer humanity into a new age of spirituality.


Dr. Mary Ross

is Loraine’s biographer, with advanced degrees in writing, education, and science. She was told by the Spirit World that she would write Loraine’s books, and she has. Both women have experienced near-death episodes that have left them connected with the other side, allowing them to bring communication from the Spirit World to this world.


Deep Inside The Mind: Releasing Your Inner Light

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